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Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense – We Defend the Accused Who Have a Lot to Lose!

You’ve got a lot to lose. We understand, and we want to help!

At the Complete Legal Defense Team we represent, assist, and defend people who are accused of crimes. Being accused of a crime is a harrowing experience. You experience public shame and humiliation and do not know where to turn for help. We are experienced and knowledgeable and will take immediate steps to begin repairing your life. We evaluate how the allegation affects your reputation in the community, how it affects your time and your life, and how it will affect you financially. Believe it or not, many people who are arrested and charged with crimes are innocent.

When an individual is arrested, many people assume that they are guilty or they would not have been arrested. Our clients are often shocked at how easy it is to be arrested with very little police investigation. Sometimes a single statement by one person is enough to cause charges to be made and an arrest warrant to be issued. Many times people do not know an arrest is imminent. They are shocked when police show up at their workplace or home and they are immediately handcuffed in front of everyone and taken to jail. These are things we deal with daily. At the Complete Legal Defense Team, our sole focus is on representing people who are accused of crimes.

We defend clients who have been accused of felonies, misdemeanors, and DUI. Our goal from the outset is to examine the facts and circumstances completely. Usually there is evidence not gathered or overlooked because it points to innocence or lack of guilt. We look for evidence which indicates our client was not there, did not do what was alleged or was justified in his or her actions.

We defend and have successfully defended every type of Major Felony, including Murder, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, Burglary, Robbery, Assault, Drug Trafficking and more.

We have successfully defended clients for DUI.  When a person is charged with a DUI and someone is killed or seriously injured, even a passenger, the driver is charged with Felony DUI.  We have defended at trial all of the type cases listed and many others.

We have the ability, resources, skill and experience to defend every type of serious felony to less serious, but important cases like DUI.  In addition to defense of serious felony cases and DUI, we also regularly represent and help people in traffic court, so you can avoid having to appear in traffic court.

Whether you have been charged with a serious offense or something minor, if you would like help please contact our office now.

M. Gregory McCollum Attorney At Law of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina provides representation for clients in South Carolina including the cities or towns of Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Conway SC, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Atlantic Beach, Briarcliff, Socastee, Carolina Forest, Little River, Litchfield, Pawley’s Island, Georgetown, Loris, Aynor, Longs, Gallivants Ferry, Green Sea, Marion, Mullins, Nichols, Lakeview, Lake City, Kingstree, Hemingway, Andrews, Florence, Pamplico, Johnsonville, Timmonsville, Olanta, Pleasant Hill, Dillon, Latta, Bennettsville, and includes representation in these counties: Horry County, Georgetown County, Marion County, Florence County, Marlboro County, Williamsburg County.

M. Gregory McCollum Attorney At Law of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina provides representation for clients in cases like the following Assault & Battery, Bank Fraud, Check Fraud, Bond Hearings, Burglary, Criminal Domestic Violence – CDV, Driving Under the InfluenceDUI, Drug Offenses, Embezzlement, Expungement, Felony DUI, Felony leaving the scene, Hit and Run, Indecent exposure, Kidnapping, Murder, Homicide, Pre-arrestPolice Investigations, Preliminary Hearings, Parole Violations, Robbery, Sex Offenses, Rape, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Traffic cases, Minor in possession of Alcohol, Petit Larceny, Resisting Arrest, Shoplifting, and Traffic Tickets.


Very easy to talk to and takes the time to explain where we are going and why. I didn’t get off scott free by settling for a misdemeanor compared to what I was being charged with was fine by me. Saved me a lot of grief.
Dexter Riley
If you find yourself in need of the BEST Lawyer for Criminal Defense this is your Man.Greg is one of the most respected Attourneys in this area. The Judges have the utmost Respect for his Knowledge of the law and it is very obvious in the court room. I could have been convicted and throne in prison but due to the Knowledge of His trade Mr. McCollum had my charges thrown out of court by the Judge not the jury. If it’s not obvious to you I have my life and career to be thankful for to this to this Attorney. He is the best, he doesn’t need a big poster or a full page ad in the Yellow Pages. His record speaks for…
Greg Hierholzer
He was so nice. I felt God led us to the right attorney to get out.
I said to Greg on the very first day I met him that this had all been a nightmare to us. He immediately responded that the nightmare will end. He said it with such confidence that for the first time I felt hopeful. I knew then that he was the man for the job. Tom Pavlinic told us that it was mainly the pressure applied by Greg that helped in the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss. How can we thank him enough for the great job he did. He gave my son his future back.
Richard Engel
Sent an email inquiry on behalf of a family member and employees at the law office were very cordial, kind, and were willing to ensure my inquiry was sent to the attorney in a timely manner. U.S. Army Retired Iraq War Veteran.
Tiffany M.
If you’re looking for a great lawyer, Greg’s your man. Knowledge, experience and expertise and gets the job done. Dismissed my DUI and misdemeanors. He’s now helping my mom. I think he’s the best attorney in Myrtle Beach.
Angie Cohen
I retained Greg McCollum to represent me in the single most devastating self inflicted event of my life. The mistake I made and the felony charge I was faced with could have easily sent me to prison for up to 25 years. I trusted Greg with my freedom and life. Greg defended me in criminal court and I am grateful and thankful to say the outcome was much better than I could have ever hoped for. Greg McCollum is an excellent attorney and a man of integrity. If you are looking for the Best Lawyer for Criminal Defense then Greg McCollum will be your only choice. Together my father and I interviewed 5 criminal attorneys…
Sharon Legg

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